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Our Program

Our Program

Do you want to drop a dress size , improve your fitness and feel amazing in the next 6 weeks!

Are you motivated to get better results?

Are you exercising but not seeing any changes?

Are you sick of yo yo dieting and wanting long lasting results? 

Do you get frustrated that you are no closer to your results/goals?

Now imagine in just 6 weeks changing all of that

Imagine you are a dress size smaller. Your fitness levels have improved, you feel like you're in better shape and starting to see some definition. You have more energy  day to day to play with your kid and do things that you want. Your clothes are fitting better.  

What we do.....

Here at Fitness Tribe we are more than just a fitness class. We are experts in helping women meet their health and fitness goals.  We use the methods developed in our transformation program, which have worked with hundreds of our client's. The Program is designed to give you all the tools and information you need to get off the diet cycle and get long lasting results. Our aim is that our sessions will be the best part of your day, and that our program will have a BIG positive impact on your life. 
Here's whats included... 

Train 3 times per week with our qualified ‘Transformation’ coach. Be a part of a fun friendly and supportive group. Exercising alongside people on the same journey, as you work to achieve the same goals.

A simple, easy to follow, Nutrition plan that has generated results for 100’s of our members.  We have meal plans, recipe packs and calorie calculators to help you very step of the way.

Access to our accountability app. You check in daily so we know exactly were you need extra support. Your coach will check in each week and personalise the app so you get the support were you need it most.

Cast iron ‘Money Back’ guarantee. If you do everything we advise and don’t drop a dress size with us in 6 weeks we’ll give you your investment back. This means you are in a win, win scenario. We are that confident in our programs, we’re prepared to pay you, if you fail.

If your ready to start your transformation and change your situation over the next 6 weeks to feeling energised, confident and looking good, not to mention dropping a dress size  in the process then all you need to do is…

What our client's have to say


Laura is so dedicated to her fitness it is inspiring. Plus she is fun to spend time with so it makes training a joy.

Emily McGregor


Laura is so full of energy, she encourages and motivates you when you need it most!! Would highly recommend her if you are looking to improve your fitness whatever your level.

Alison Spooner


I would recommend Laura at Fitness Tribe as a personal trainer as she is motivating and knowledgeable. She has a wonderful personality and will push you hard whilst keeping the workouts fresh. You will be over the moon with the results!!

Emma Buck


Laura at Fitness Tribe is energetic, inspiring and motivating. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness and will support you to reach your fitness goal. She is also a lovely person and very easy going, I would highly recommend Laura!

Sarah Crawley


Frequently Asked Questions 

How many training sessions a week?

You get 3 sessions a week, current training times are 6am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 7:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

What if I miss a session, can I catch up?

Yes you can. We have hundreds of recording from our live sessions and a few shorter pre recorded sessions for when you are short on time. We also have recorded yoga and pilates sessions for you to try as well.

I haven't exercises in years will I be able to do it?

Yes you will. Every exercise has a regression for beginners and a progression for more advanced clients. If you happen to be injured, as long as you tell your coach at the beginning of a session we will always give you options to work around your injuries. 

Do you offer nutrition help?

Yes I do. We have nutrition guidelines with different options for you to track your nutrition. We understand that it's not one size fits all so you pick which works best for you. 

Do you offer meal plans?

Yes but I don't always recommend them.... why, because I am all about education. Yes it is great to be told what to eat and when to get results, but what about after the 6 weeks? What do you do then? I much prefer my clients to educate them selves so they get long lasting results. I get most clients to look through them get a few ideas, and track their nutrition on my fitness pal. If any client really wants to follow the whole thing no problem, they are all on the membership site for you to utilise as you want. 

You say about keeping me accountable, how does that work?

We invite you to our accountability app. Each evening it pops up on your phone to fill in. It takes two minutes, and supplies me a wealth of knowledge and data as a coach to be able to help you. Each week I check in with you via the app were I can add some of our extra programs to help you out. So if you're struggling with hydration, I will add our hydrate like a boss program to the app and it will give you a little less and help you set better habits. This way I get to tailor the 6 weeks to you and were you need the help the most.

How do you track my progress?

We have a few ways to do it, each week or month it's your choice. You can input your weight, measurements and pictures on to our app. Not comfortable with pictures no problem. You can do all 3 or just 1. The more data we have the better. 

What happens after the 6 weeks?

Don't worry we don't leave you heigh and dry. Once the 6 weeks are over you can sign up to one of our memberships. We have a few different options for payments. Either monthly direct debit or pay up front and get a month or two for free. But we can go over all the final details once you have some great results from our 6 week program.



Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri          6:00-20:30

Sat                  8:30-11:00

Sun                 Closed

Our Address:

7 Blundells Road


Milton Keynes

MK13 7HA



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